Friday, May 31, 2019

Wood Bead Garlands

Adding color to your decor for spring?
Look no further, these great colors will add a touch
of fun to your home decor. 

Baja Blue



You can order these by going to my home page to see 
how to order these spring colors.
Wood bead garland 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Peony Tip

Do you love peonies?
They are possibly my favorite flower next to Dahlia's 
Since we moved to our new home about 6 months ago everything in the yard is coming to life.  I have over 12 peony bushes beginning to pop.
Something I learned this past week is how you can stagger your blooms so that you can enjoy them before they all bloom and fade.
Check out the videos below to see how you can do this! 
The flowers can be saved for up to 30 days in your frid!
YES!  30!

All the blooms!!!!

Start by cutting them all and trimming the leaves

Above is how far up I trim them

Get some cello wrap
Dollar Tree has rolls for yes, a $1!

Final video, it's a wrap,  literally!
Watch how you can wrap and stagger your peonies!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Memorial day

Happy Memorial weekend!
Remember to honor those who courageously gave their lives for us and to those who bravely fight and serve today as you enjoy Memorial day.
I personally choose to visit the grave sites on Memorial day to say a quick prayer and honor those who have blazed the way for our freedom.   We cannot forget in time all the men and women who have died for our freedom- ever.......

We headed east for a few days to take in all the natural elements
Last nights sunset did not disappoint.

This is Lake Cle Elum at sunset
It was so quiet and serene
We went for a hike earlier in the day and managed
to dodge all the rain.
Hoping your spending time doing something you enjoy, 
even if it's resting and just being still. Sometimes
that's all our souls needs.  Peace and quiet to reflect.
Happy Memorial day friends.....

Friday, May 24, 2019

Gold Creek Pond Trail

We had such beautiful weather wednesday that I decided to work until 10 then head to the mountains!
This gorgeous place is just 45 mins from my home.
It's called Gold Creek Pond Trail
just past Snoqualimie Pass.
If you haven't gone I advise adding it to your hike list.

As my girlfriend and I walked around the pond we were just marveled at the bright blue color of the pond.
Just breathtaking.....

These pics are of the little creeks along the hike in

The mountain looks so majestic!

And just one more........
Give this hike a try, it will become a fav of yours.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Color Wood beads!

So excited to announce and be offering my wood bead garlands in custom colors!  Wooohoooo! color! color! color!

There are two types of garlands;
 long strand measuring 30" long
and the small loop measuring 2 1/2' round

Welcome new colors!
above is - Charcoal

This one is called - Spruce
Below the color is - Baja Blue
If you would like to order head over to my home page and click on the 2340 West Newton to order, be sure to choose your color preference.  You can also request a color of your choice. 

Monday, May 20, 2019

A Little Smile from Paper Pumpkin


Check out the new june 2019 paper pumpkin!  The new kit has a special design for the unique purpose of spreading random acts of kindness.  Take a look at the video to get a good glimpse of the kit in action.
We are all about sharing kindness through creativity.  And you can do this everyday with all the fun cards in this kit!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Country Home

Happy friday friends!
For some reason I cannot catch up lately!
So delayed in my posts and getting things together, so unlike me.
Our new catalog is on it's way and I was so glad to see this
gem still available.  Possibly one of my all time favs.
Country Home

I used our Wood Textures background paper and stamped the cotton stems in black all over it to create the background.
The stamp set comes with both of these cute vintage
pieces, a old milk canister and a pitcher.
They both are stamped by masking the images so you have 
one in the foreground to in the back. 
You do this my separately stamping the canister and cutting it out.
First stamp the canister in the center then lay the cut out canister on top of the already stamped one and stamp your two other
pitchers on each side.   MAGIC!!!

The colors used are basic gray, crumb cake, whisper white. 
To create the watercoloring I use the Aqua Painter.

This is a beautiful rustic stamp set, dried flowers, rustic jugs
Country Home
#147678 for $21.00

fall flowers stamp set

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

DIY Photo Hoop

DIY Photo hoop project........

Next month my daughter graduates from High School, 
I wanted to make some decor for her grad party.
Above are a few items I purchased from the Dollar Tree to make
this project.   
You will need to get:
a hula hoop
a garland of greens
a bunch of flowers

This project is a great way to showcase the different photos you have from year to year.  It is also a great project for weddings, showers, baby showers or birthday parties so give it a try. 

I chose the hula hoop with the least amount of design
on it so I could easily spray paint it.  I sprayed mine gold.

Once it's dry, take a ribbon of your choice and stagger the ribbon
across the hoop as you see above.  Once you have them where
you would like them, using a hot glue gun, adhere them to the hoop.

The ribbon I used it like a linen cloth type, it's what I have on had.
You can use any color for the event you are hosting.
To attach the photos I used the little wooden clothes pins.
You can find them at your local craft stores, even the Dollar Tree carries them. 

Using the leaf garland, fold it over and cut it in half.
That way you have enough for each side of the hoop.
Wrap it around and glue it down.  

I placed three flowers on each side as you can see.
And here it is all done!
I made two of them to place in my front windows in our
living room so people can walk over and take a peek.
To hang them I ran some twine around the top and used a push pin to push it into this framed window.
Have fun trying these!  

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Graduation Cap card

Graduation is just around the corner!
I thought I would show you how to make these grad cards.
They are super easy!
Cut your cap pieces at 8"x 8"

Take a piece of copy paper and cut it at 8 x 8" 
fold in half 

Cut it in half again.....

Then fold it through the center
Once it looks as it does above you will want to start folding
the center inward to create a valley like you see below....

I stamped Congratulations in the center, but you can use 
any word phrase you want.

I punched a hole in the center to run the brad through 
with the tassel.  I made the tassel with white twine and add
it to the top of the cap....

Have fun making these grad cap!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Diy Mother's Day gift

Good Morning!
How about we get started with a diy mother's day project you can do easily with the kids!
Now,  this sounds like your making your own gift doesn't it?
But the idea is for you to make these and give them to any Mom's out there! Plus,  BONUS! they are super cute and easy!

I started with three different sized ball jars.
You can a find them at craft stores, goodwill, value village 
or the grocery store. 
I posted above the paint that I purchased from Michael's,
what's great about using chalk paint is that is dries super quick and 
easy and for the kids that's a plus.
Choose any colors that you might like, I chose spring like colors.

Using a sponge brush lightly paint on two coats, one at a time leaving about 5 mins between each coat.  Once dry I used a little piece of sanding paper to lightly rub off just a little of the paint to give it a distressed look.
If you don't have any potting soil go to the Dollar tree, 
(yes! they have a bag for a dollar!)
You certainly don't need much to fill the ball jars unless you are making quite a few of them.
Fill your jars almost to the top.
Then comes the fun part.

Now,  I have chicks and hens growing right in my yard so I love to head out there and use what I have.  If you don't have succulents in the yard then head to your nearest grocery store, or gardening center.  They will have plenty to pick from.
I was able to fit 3 small succulents in one jar, so see what you can do with the size you have.

I hope you will give these a try!
And if you are a Mom out there, Happy Mother's Day to you!
Enjoy your day friends!