Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Starbucks Cups

Back by popular demand~
Mini Starbucks cups
Now available to order for the holidays
They are so cute standing a mere 4" tall
Great for your friends, teachers gifts, luncheons,
kids classes.  You name it!

They are $3.00 each
You can place your order by emailing me directly
at juliepitta@rocketmail.com

They can be filled with hershey kisses or a mixture
of different holiday candies or chocolate
covered espresso beans, it just depends what you 
would like to add to them. 
Place your order early!
I'll be shipping them to you within 3 days of your order. 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Creative Weekend Retreat

The last two days have been spent in the mountains with a group of creative women making some of the amazing fused glass creations.
I've shown and talked about this place before and love to go and create there. It's called Fused 

You basically arrive and start to create and plan out your glass creation.  Some of us made ornaments and some beautiful trays.

You can see in this photo where we drew with sharpie pens to 
see where to cut the glass.  Once these are fired in the kiln
the black ink disappears.  These will be angel wing ornaments.

This little cutie is "olaf"  well,  he looks like it to me!

You can plan out and make almost anything!

This is one of the beautiful trays made....
It's hard to see the glitter within the glass but boy
is it gorgeous.

This is the studio where we get to create.
So much goodness and beauty here.

Friday, November 15, 2019

WIT Cellars Creative night

What a fun filled time last night!
Such a great turn out for the gratitude creative night at 
WIT Cellars
If you are local and want to join in, the next scheduled event
will be thursday, December 5th- 6:30- 8:30p
You can email me directly to sign up at 
The cost is $40.00- $10 goes to WIT for your wine
and $30 for your projects

Here is what we made last night.....

3 fuzzy stuffed pumpkins...(yes, you had to sew, just a bit!)

These amazing wine cork pumpkins which are about 7" high

Love the advertising on the corks!

I brought fresh rosemary and taught how to make these mini wreaths for you to use for your holiday tables or to put on your Christmas gifts

Here they are on top of a simply wrapped Christmas 

I have to tell you the smell alone made us all hungry for
turkey or chicken dinner!!!

And then lastly we made these 8 x 10 holiday canvases
to get us all in the holiday spirit
I hope you will join us for the next event, we will
be making a host of ornaments (gnomes)
a Christmas sign, a candle and a wood home decor piece.
Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

JOY Candles

I love to find finds at the Dollar Tree and alter them.
These red JOY ball jars are so pretty just by themselves,
but of course I had to add something to them.
The boxwood sprigs I found in the dollar spot at Target.

You can see in this picture the J to the left and the O is a snowflake, it's hard to get a shot of it all together. 

I simply added some very thin jute around the neck of the
candle and then tucked the boxwood greens right through the
jute. To give it some sparkle I added the chunky glitter.

It almost looks like sugar, but it's the very thick like glitter.

How pretty is this redo?
I love how it glows once lit.
These would make great gifts for your co-workers, teachers,
friends you name it!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Orange Candles

Growing up I remember my Mom always keeping all 6 of us kids 
busy during the holiday winter school break by having us make these orange pomanders for gifts for our teachers by
covering an entire orange with cloves.

This project is a just a little different by barely cutting off
the top of the orange and dig out a little bit of the center
so that you can fit a small votive size candle in the center.
Once you cut and carved take your time to push the clove 
into the to of the orange.
This is super easy to do. 

Here's another fun way to add a fresh holiday scent to your
home.  Using a carving took gently carve away strips around the 
orange then push the cloves into the carve away section.
You will get a wonderful aroma of orange and clove scent.

You can easily push these cloves right into the carved
away portion of the orange. 
When you are done and are maybe able to make more than one
try putting them into a bowl to enjoy the scent throughout the house.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Pumpkin Redo

After Halloween is over I didn't just want to leave the 
pumpkins outside.  I wanted to bring them in but give them a makeover.  So I thought why not paint them!

Start by rinsing off your pumpkin, mine was covered in dirt.

I love to use chalk paint on about everthing.  One reason why is that is dries so quickly, but I also like the matte finish is has
This chalk paint is by Folkart, can be found at Michael's for $2.49.

Once your pumpkin is dry using a brush lightly add one coat 
of the chalk paint.  Mine is a off white color.

This is after one coat, I like the streak lines in it and 
that you can see a little bit of orange showing through.

I used a smaller brush to paint around the stem of the pumpkin
it just makes it easier to get into the small spaces.

Once your pumpkin is all dry I like to add just a little 
bit of Raw Umber color paint to the pumpkin
to give it some depth. 
Using a dry brush dab just a little bit of paint 
on the tip of the brush and rub it all over the 
pumpkin as you see below. 
If you get too much umber on it you can go back
with some of the off white paint to lighten it up as I 
did.  It's fun to play with the two colors so don't be afraid
if you add too much, you can just add more white to calm
the brown down. 

Here's what mine looked like before I calmed it down 
with some more white paint.
And are you ready to see it?
Here it is all done!!! 

And here's another idea for you....
Don't throw away your carved pumpkins
Take a look at what I did with mine....

I turned it into a pumpkin flower arrangement!

Here's my carved pumpkin, take the stem off the top and throw
it away.  Get a ball jar,  I just happened to have one on hand.
I also had just gone to the grocery store and while I was in line
to pay for my groceries this employee walked up to me and asked me if I would like a free bouquet of flowers!  
Of course I would!  Thank you!
How sweet was that!

So I filled the ball jar with water and added the beautiful
fall bouquet of flowers as well as me adding some smoke bush
leave and laurel leaves. 

There you have it!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Wedding Details

I just returned from Weatherford, Texas where I had been the last four days getting to coordinate a wedding for a very dear family we have known for years.
The venue was called Clark Gardens Botanical gardens and it was the most stunning outdoor wedding you could imagine.
The gardens itself boasts the more beautiful grounds and the love story behind the venue is just magical.

This is the outdoor fountain 

Sharing with you a few pictures from the wedding

This was the reception area with early preparations before all 
the flowers went in. 
The stunning greens cascading from the lanterns just 
framed and made the room.

To get to the area where the bride and groom said
their I do's you walked through this long
covered trellis with lanterns

Here's the reception area coming together.....

They served four different flavors of pies as well as 
a wedding cake....

Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton

It couldn't have been a more magical day!
Left a piece of my heart in Texas this weekend.
Such and honor to be able to bless this sweet new union.