Monday, April 29, 2019


It was a cupcake food filled weekend at the Silos!
Was able to go with my dear friend Kirstin her dil (pictured)
and her son to Magnolia Marathon weekend in Texas
Our goal was to run the 5K there.
This was the first day visiting Magnolia Table, Chip and Jojo's 
infamous restaurant.

The lines upon arriving looked insane at 6am, but we were in by 6:45.  Not too bad.  And did I mention the food?  over the top delish!  The homemade tator tots were so tasty.  

Simplistic, but so welcoming 

I opted for the traditional brekkie, came with homemade tots, their sausage and that yummy strawberry butter.  
The people, service and food was more than you could imagine.
And every little attention to detail.  Even the check came in a hand sewn brown leather folder.  

We look exhausted here!
It was 6 am Texas time and we were up at 5 am which truly was 3 am Seattle time!  Whoa!  crazy people or what?
The Magnolia Table is only open til 3pm daily and the lines grow and grow so we decided we better get our buns their early to taste some of Jojo's home cookin!
I'll be posting some picks from our 5K shortly.
Loved visiting the Silo district!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Mother's Day

Mother's day is on it's way and what a better time
that to spoil your Mama with some kitchen towels 
or home decor items.

Here's a carousel of towels you can pick from!
These are just a few of the phrases available.
You can head on over to my shop HERE

I love to package the "Stupid Dishes" towels with some wooden
spoons and a nice ceramic bowl for either a housewarming
gift or bridal shower gift. 

These wood bead garland are great for adding to your decor around your home.  You can drape them add them to a vignette or your mantel.  The small round tassel beads can be put on a vase or wrapped around your drapes. 
  Just a few ideas to use these beauties.
Towels prices are $10 each 
Wood bead garland:
Large strand 30" long is $18
Small Tassel  2 1/2" wide is $10
The two together is $18

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sentimental Rose

Today's post is the next installment of the second of three
of the style designs in this month's Paper Pumpkin.
Sentiment Rose. 
This kit is so springy, loving it!

As always,   I love to change the kits up a bit.
I didn't do too much to change it, but added quite a bit 
of the sugar type glitter,  the chunky kind.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Paper Pumpkin April 2019


                           Hello April's Paper Pumpkin! Sentimental Rose
Take a quick peek at the video if you received your kit to see how
to easily put it all together.   It really is a beautiful kit!   And.......
It's the unveiling of our new Distinktive Stamps!  So check out the 
video above to see what they are all about! 

How beautiful are these?
What comes in the kit?
Everything you need to create these beauties.
This is just one of three of the designs you will
see in the video, and I will post more in the upcoming posts.

Everything on these cards are already printed and 
all ready for you to put together.   The colors are
just so subtle and sweet.

If you have ever thought about subscribing to Paper Pumpkin,
you can go to this link to sign up for a month or more, you pick!
HERE for Paper Pumpkin 
Give it a whirl!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Easter Arrangement

Today I have been getting Easter ready over here.
No big family get together this year.  Everyone has places to go and be so it will be the four of us.
Wanted to put together a quick and easy Easter arrangement for
our table. 

I love to bring the outdoors in.  I found this rhododendron in my yard, yet I have no idea what type it is.  I love the lacy looking little buds on it. 

I added white hydrangeas, bear grass and the
rhodie type plant I found to the vase and surrounded
it with these cute glass eggs I found at Homegoods.

I'm loving the simplicity of this and how easy it was to 
put together.   
Take a walk through your yard and see what you might have
that you can use to creative a pretty arrangement in your home
Wishing you all a blessed Easter sunday!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

DIY Save the dates

Today I am sharing with you some easy diy save the dates for you 
to try.   These are a great alternative if you are looking to save money on your wedding budget and really have a elegant look to them for the fraction of the cost of ordering them.

There are two samples or styles to choose from and both are
equally unique and extremely affordable and easy to make.
The photograph ones I have showed you in two sizes.  Many people like the smaller save the date option so the one at the top right is sized at 4 x 6", the one on the left is sized at 5 x 7".
You can easily find envelopes for both these sizes on Amazon or your local paper source store. 
Keep following below to see how to make both of these options.

The second option is a 4 x 6" card with puny word take
on "tying the knot"
This is simply made by going into Mircosoft word and choosing 
your fonts to create your save the date.
You can use the wording I have used and customize to your 
names or create your own take on your save the date.

I was able to fit two to a sheet and I used white cardstock
in a 80lb weight. 
I punched each side with a heart punch
 (you can use any hole punch, I just wanted to use the heart to represent love)
Thread the jute through the back to the front and tie the first knot in the center then tie each end in a knot as well.
That's it!  Seriously!  how easy is that!

Now for the first option you will use Vellum paper,
if you have not used this type of paper before, it is similar to a tissue type paper.  Quite thin but sturdy.  The paper comes in different weights, which means thickness.  I chose the very lightest
weight so that you can see through to the photograph images.
In the photo above I chose the font I wanted and then
wrote the names of the couple represented.
These were also made in Microsoft Word and printed 
right through my ink jet printer.
Once you print them out they dry quite quickly.
I adhered the pieces together at the top with a small mini
gold brad.  Use a 1/8" hole punch to punch your hole 
and add the brad.

Aren't they pretty?
And like I said,  so affordable.
YOU can do this!!!
I hope I have inspired you to give this a try!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Moroccan Vinyl Floor Tiles

Wow! what a find!
Found two packages of these moroccan vinyl floor tiles for a mere
$9.99 a package!
Yes, at TJ Maxx of all places!

The size of these tiles are 12 x 12"
and though for flooring use, they can also be used for backsplash or anything else you might think of.

I really had intended on using them for the back splash in
my kitchen but my family veto'd the idea.
They did not like the look, I love it!

So, here is where it ended up.  This little space in my garage of all places.   I do house my towels there in wire baskets so it makes it look all cute and welcoming.   These are just steel shelves from Costco that I ended up covering. 

The tiles are peel and stick and cut easily with scissors so this 
project took less than 15 minutes.

We are still getting unpacked from moving and organizing is still 
taking place.  I love this little niche out here and the cabinets above are a plus.   

I ended up only needing 8 tiles total for both side of the shelves so I have a few left..... not sure what I will do with those yet.

Kinda looks pretty cute wouldn't you say? 
A little pop of fun out here!
You never know what your going to find at TJ Maxx.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Devil's Bridge

We wrapped up our week long visit with family and friends
in Arizona today.  Back to the gray cold skies......
It was amazing to wake up everyday to those crystal blue skies 
and warm weather....... 

We ventured to a new spot this trip, Devil's Bridge just
literally outside of Sedona.
 The hike is a good 2 miles to the trail head and back making it a full 4+ miles. 

The scenery was spectacular and luckily no snakes!
I was told April is snake season and when they start
coming out to sun themselves.
I kept watch as I watched every step I took!

Once to the top there were flowers laying there.
We figured someone must have been there earlier 
and gotten engaged.

My two girls.

Here they are on the edge of Devil's Bridge

And here's my man out there in victory!
Such a beautiful hike

Friday, April 12, 2019

Antelope Canyon

We’ve been visiting family in Arizona this week and 
took a trip up to Antelope Canyon just outside of Page Arizona.
This is.a MUST! see!
Antelope Canyon was soectacular!

Every twist and turn of the Canyon displayed 
New color and light. I was in such awe of the beauty.
I cannot even describe how spectacular the color were nor do my cell phone photos catch every detail.
I’m having difficulty with WiFi where we are ,
and having trouble uploading the pictures onto my blog.
So, I will leave you with what’s posted here to enjoy and once I am back to a laptop update this.

You have to get reservations for a guided tour to go inside of the canyon where every twist and turn
Brings new light subjects to every part of the canyon you look at! 
These photos were take  with my cell phone and don’t do it justice.