Friday, March 29, 2019

Spring Decor

Sharing a little spring decor today.
We made these cute little frames last year in creative class.
The frames are from the Dollar Tree as well as the spanish moss.
The eggs are from the craft store as well as the news print scrapbook paper.  

I removed the glass from the frame and added the newsprint paper
To make the nest using the spanish moss create a  circle and using a hot glue gun glue it to the paper.  Using your finger push away the moss to create space for the eggs.  
I created the banner by writing spring has sprung in Mircosoft word and printing it out. 
The entire thing cost maybe $3.00 to make
Hope you give it a try!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Bunny Canvas

This coming friday is creative class, here is one of the 
cute Easter projects we are going to be making.

I always try and show you projects that are quick and easy
and affordable.
This one requires a canvas and some moss

I used an 8 x 10" canvas.  I was able to find 10 canvases
in a package at Michael's for $12.  Such a good price.
I found the bunny by googling line art bunny, 
I printed it out and cut it out.
The moss can be found in a sheet at the Dollar Tree or since
I needed quite a bit for my class I found a large 48" package
at Hobby Lobby for $10.00

Trace your bunny on the back side of the moss and cut out.

Super easy to work with and cuts out nicely.

Once all cut out take out your glue gun and glue it
directly onto the canvas.
It's that easy!!!
So cute!!!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Spring in the air

With spring being here in Seattle the bees are a buzzin 
everywhere!  They always remind me that spring has sprung as they start to pollinate everything in site.

Super neutral card made with the Sahara Sand cardstock and basic black cardstock.  I used the big shot framelits to cut out the circles and a paper piecer to punch the holes in the circles.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Door Redo

I've been loving all our unusually warm weather here this last week, it's enabled me to get some of the outdoor
projects done here at our new house.  

When we lived at our old house we had double red doors, then black doors, then robin's egg blue.
So when we moved here I decided with the exterior color of the house the black would be a great choice.  

I ended up choosing Sherwin Williams color Tricorn Black
Turned out to be such a great choice. 
I'm loving the change and refresh.

It's our last weekend tying up everything at our old house 
before the new family moves in.  
All the feels, the house is empty, echoes and is ready for new memories to be made.  Sniff, sniff.....
time for new adventures and memories.......
Have a lovely weekend friends!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Something Sweet

Spring is here and so are the bees!
Just a cute little card to send for someone special.

I used the beehive embossing folder to create
the background.
I stamped little dots throughout the hive with an oldie but a goodie,  Gorgeous Grunge stamp set.

I used a paper piercer to create the dots around the
oval.  The ribbon is twisted and taped to the back of the
oval before attaching to the card. 

No big plans for the weekend.  We are closing on our home, 
and are at the last push of selling, cleaning and getting it ready for the new homeowners. 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

DIY Tiled Table

I inherited this tiled table with our home we bought almost four months ago right before winter set in.  I have been itching to get to some projects done around the house that involve painting. 
 All of which are outdoor projects.
Two and a half weeks ago we had 2 feet or more of snow covering the ground.  
 Yesterday was an unusual 82 degrees and the day before 79!
I took advantage of the heat and got to painting the projects I keep walking by hoping to get to.

I love using chalk paint for projects.  If you have never used it, I recommend you check it out.  As you see in the pic above the table is tile. Normally you would have to sand/prime and then paint.   But with chalk paint you just paint directly onto the tile!   
Dries so fast!

Rust-Oleum Chalked Chalk Paint,

Starting with the Rustoleum aged gray chalk paint, paint two coats right on top of the tile.  No need to prime or sand.   Chalk paint dries super fast and adheres to most surfaces making diy projects so quick and fun and easy to do.  It literally dried within 10 mins.
This is how it looked with the two coats on it below.

Next step is choosing your second color that you are going
to stencil with.  I chose the Rustoleum Charcoal.
It a lighter version of black- not as solid
You can see in the picture below that I set the stencil
right dead center of the table.  That's where I started 
my stenciling from, then worked out from there. 

The stencil I chose I found at Michael's, it's a good size one
measuring 23" x 19 1/2", perfect for larger projects or walls.
They are regularly priced at $18 for the stencil, but
with the 40% off coupon it was $10.80.

I started by putting the stencil in the center of the table and
working outward.  Took a total of 6 times with one being a full 
sheet, the rest weren't the whole sheet if that makes sense. 

There's a video of me actually rolling the chalk paint
over the stencil so you can see it in action.
It's on my Instagram, you can go to my 
home page and click on the Instagram icon on the right. 

Once you finish with the stenciling you will put two coats
of matte polycrylic on top to set the paint and stenciling.

Here it is all done!  
It almost looks blue to me in the picture but 
it's the charcoal black. 

Loving this fresh new look!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Out adventuring

I try to find any free moments to get away to adventure.
Friday we left and went east of the mountains to take in a few more runs of snowshoeing before the snow begins to melt.

We hiked down into Lake Cle Elum, it was extremely deep
snow compared to many places we have hiked through this winter.
I'm sitting above the lake as my hubs is already headed down 
to the waters edge.

The sun was filtered but bright and the temps right around 
34.  Not too cold.

We couldn't go as far as we would have liked due to the 
depth of the snow.  We got tired! seriously!

As you can see in this pic, the drifts were high.

Hope you all had a great weekend doing something 
that fills your hearts!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Moving On

Well the day finally is here.....
our home we have lived in for years sold.
It's a bittersweet new season but we are soooo
excited!   We didn't move far and truly had no plans of 
moving!  It was just one of those things that "just happened"

I created these cards to give to my tireless realtors that
have worked so hard in getting our home sold.
We listed it right before Christmas, not the best time.
But after four months it is sold!
So here we go!

We also were busy celebrating my girl's 18th birthday this 
week.  Such a fun time! 

We've always but up signs and little decorations since they were little celebrating their day by making sure they feel the love.
Here are a few things I did ......

It was a fun full day celebrating Shae, it's hard
to beleve she's 18! 
Let the fun begin!

18's lookin good!

Because I have a family of math nerds this sign was so fitting
for her.   
Here's to a happy-joy filled weekend to you all!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Country Home

Here's a fun fold for you to try with your card making.
Fold your card in half as you always do, then fold the 
right hand open side back to the left hand fold line.
Get it?   

It becomes like a mountain and valley.
I stamped the metal can from the Country home stamp set 
three times and then the greens just once.
I water colored with the Fig ink pad, old olive and 
creamy caramel.

On the front of the card I stamped with an old stamp called
Off the grind with old olive ink, just to give it some 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Diy Easter Canvas

Happy monday morning friends!
I have a super fun and easy and dare I say the word "cheap"
diy for you today.....
I found these canvases at the Dollar Tree
If you don't have Dollar Tree in your area they can be found at any crafting store, I have even seen them at Ross!

I got online and googled different images that I wanted on my 
canvas.  I wanted an Easter vibe.
I printed out on regular copy paper a rabbit, music sheet and
the floral image you see above.

Once you have your images cut them out and determine how
you're going to arrange them on the canvas.

Start by laying the pieces on the canvas and moving them around 
til you find a look you like.
Mine only has three pieces so super easy to place.
Once you know where you want them add color.  
I used my Aqua painter and some pastel ink colors.
Let it dry, which should be quick if your using waterbased inks.

I chose to only color in the flowers and stems and leave
the rest.  You can add as much as you like, I just like a cleaner
looking image.
Once the color added has dried attach all three pieces using 
glue.  I use the Tombow dual glue.  Once the pieces are dry top
it off with a light coat of modge podge.  
Add your jute twinning and there you have it!!

Here is the finished canvas
I hope I have inspired you to try this easy diy
If you do, please send me your pics!!!