Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Beautiful British Columbia

This weekend we took a day trip to our friends up north, Canada
It was my daughter's birthday and she wanted to go on an adventure to the Capilano Suspsension Bridge.

my girlies..... 

If you get a chance to go adventure here you should!
It boasts 3 different adventures.  One is the suspension bridge that is 650ft above the river with gorgeous views
In this picture we are just getting on the bridge.
I had many people ask if it was crowded, it was not.  We arrived just as they opened at 11am and were there over 2 hours. 
 When we left I mentioned how quiet it was, maybe we got lucky!

Almost across!
They had all the Christmas lights on still from the holidays which gave the park an extra punch of beauty.

This is the second adventure, the cliff walk.  It is a walk that is suspended from a cliff held up by suspension cables.  It too is above the river along the wall of a massive cliff.  
Not for the faint at heart I tell you! 

Here's part of the cliff walk looking down,
are you still with me or did you faint??!!!

Heading back across the suspension bride

The third adventure is the treehouse suspensions,  you can see them lit up behind this cute little log house in blue.
They are all over, you go from one treehouse to the next, all have suspension that you cross over.  They are 200 ft above the forest.
You honestly don't even notice the height because of the beauty.

The Hubs and I hamming it up!

Such a fun adventure and gorgeous views and weather.
The wait lines at the border were a mere 5 minutes, which made it so easy for a day trip.   Hope you are able to visit beautiful British Columbia sometime.  I am ready to go back!

Stanley Park at sunset....... aaaaaahhhhhhh

Monday, January 28, 2019

Almond milk and treats

This saturday we tried a hand at making our own Almond milk.
A local friend posted her recipe and showed how easy it is to create this yummy nutty milk.
Starting with a cup of almonds, put them in a bowl and cover with water for overnight.
Once they have soaked drain them and put them in a food processor and mix for 2 minutes.  When it's all mixed take a cheesecloth, with a strainer underneath and strain the almond pulp.
Once you pour all the liquid through the cheesecloth it will fill up 
with the remainder of the almond pulp
(it will look like very fine pieces of almonds)
Take the cheesecloth and twist it to get all of the liquid
out of the cloth.  I did this several times until I felt I got the last 
bit of liquid out of the cloth. 
(You can use a nut cloth as well, I just don't have one)

Almond Milk 

Soak 1 c of almonds in water overnight
Drain water and put almonds into processor
Add 3 c of water 
Add 2-4 dates (I used 4)
also you can add some vanilla (1tsp.)
Blend on medium until it is smooth and creamy
Strain the almond milk over a bowl. 

Oh did I forget to mention how delish it is?

Almonds soaking.....

Straining the almond pulp

Keep squeezing till you get all of the liquid out
(I feel like I'm milking a cow!)

And there you have it!
See the almond milk?  
I used 1 c almonds and 3 c of water to create the three
cups of almond milk

Now, don't throw away your almond pulp that is in the cheesecloth!!!!!
You will want to make these amazing Almond Bliss balls
You get a two-fer today!
Almond milk and Almond bliss balls recipes

Here they are

Mix all the ingredients into the processor and mix on low slow speed for 3 mins.

Almond Bliss Ball Recipe
3/4 c of raw cashews
1 1/2 c of Medjool pitted Dates (Trader Joe's)
1/3 c of coconut oil
1/2 cup of honey
3/4 c of cacao powder or cocoa powder
1/3 c of shredded coconut 
(sweetened or unsweetened)
1 cup of the Almond pulp
Place cashews in the food processor, mix 10 seconds
add dates and mix 6 seconds
add coconut oil and honey and cocoa powder
mix all til well combined.
Roll into balls and roll into the shredded coconut.
Refrigerate till ready to serve.

What you see on top there is the almond pulp...

Once you add the cocoa it all comes together and looks 
so delish!
Now comes the moment when you roll them into balls,
any size is fine.  I made mine pretty good sized, now roll them into the shredded coconut.

These treats come packed with an energy punch!
the are dairy free, gluten free and just plain good!
And no baking involved!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Valentine Treats

Valentine treats for all your sweeties,
these would be great for teachers, friends, co-workers, etc.
I recieved this cute vintage coffee cup stamp set so many years 
ago from a friend.  I just love it.

The little candies are Hershey hugs that I wrapped 
in scrapbook paper.  
 The size you want to cut them are 1"x 3"
 Wrap them around the candy and tape them with regular scotch tape.
They are bagged in little cello bags sized at 2" x  6" 

You can make these cuties with any scrapbook paper and stamps
that you have for any event, not just Valentine's Day.
If you are looking to buying the cello bags they can be purchased 
50 for $3.50
2" X 8" (5.1 X 20.3 Cm) Celllophane Bags

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Paper Pumpkin January 2019


The new Paper Pumpkin is here and boy what a cute one it is!
If you are looking for treats for the kiddos classroom, work treats for your co-worker, teacher treats, well this one is for you!
Make sure and watch the video above if you received your kit so you can see how easy it is to put them together.


You know me, I always have to put together the 
Paper Pumpkin with my own creative twist.
So above is how I decided to create mine.
The video will show you how do make
them just as the flyer does.

How stinkin cute are these little iguanas!

And the kanga..... so sweet
Have you thought about signing up for 
Paper Pumpkin?  You can sign up to try it for one month
or more.  You decide!
Click HERE to sign up or view info

I used a stampin write marker in basic black
to make the dots around the hearts and circles 
that I placed the animals on.  Super easy!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Paperless Post




                                            Image result for paperless post logo

                                Happy Sunday friends!
With wedding season just around the corner I wanted to introduce to a new way of  creating your wedding invitations that is happening in the industry. 
                             Say hello to Paperless Post!

Paperless Post is an events platform that host so many beautiful invitations not just for weddings, you can choose from; birthdays, professional invites, kid's birthday, holidays, etc.   
                                     Make it your own!
They have also partnered with some top designers, Kate Spade, Jonathan Adler, Kelly Wearstler, Oscar de la Renta and more!

Just look at the small sampling of modern type wedding invitations I have posted for you.  They are all amazing! and the great thing about it is, YOU can customize to your needs, drop pics right from your camera roll, pick your font type, color and design.  
And best of all, you can email up to 2,000 email addresses! Whoa.
                        Life changing....... no more stamps!


I "invite" you to come view all they have to offer, such beauty and less stress when having to take time to pick out just the right invite for that special event coming up. 
            Especially you brides out there!  what a game changer!
                                         Come see the beauty!
                                            Paperless Post


                               These two invitations are such modern classics,
                 very simple and gorgeously stated colors and styles
                 Perfect for upcoming spring and summer weddings


            Make sure you click on the link above to view the hundreds of event invitations possibilities Paperless Post has to offer,
                                  they will not disappoint! 

Friday, January 18, 2019


The sweet love holiday is approaching and it's time to spread some love!
This card is a mix of textures for sure!

Most of all the pieces here are from leftovers from 
past Paper Pumpkin kits. 
I know that makes it a little harder for you to duplicate,
but my thought is that the card will inspire you to try to make
this exact card or maybe one similar to it.  
You may have some of these pieces or not, but look through 
all you do have and try and create what you can.
The idea is to CREATE!!!

So here's to spreading love by making some 
sweet valentines for you to spread around!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Country Home

Country Home made the cut today!
I used some of our retired vellum called Sheer Perfection
I used two of the striped sheets and overlapped to make them
look like buffalo plaid.

This card is pretty basic.
I stamped the flowers and pot on a oval cut piece of
carstock and used dimensionals to adhere to the card.
To finish it off I tied jute around the fold of the card.

Did you know that it's SALE-A-BRATION time
at Stampin Up!?
That means for every $50/$100 spent you get to choose FREE
product!  You can order from the Annual Catalog or the Occasions Catalog.  Check below for the links for the catalogs


Monday, January 14, 2019

Gold Creek Trail

This weekend we decided to take advantage of our spring like "winter" to head east of the mountains to the cascades to a
favorite spot of ours called Gold Creed Pond.  
Looks more like a lake doesn't it?
And the views did not disappoint!

The day was gorgeous!
While we were hiking we heard a loud rumble, like an onset of a avalanche.  I said it out loud and looked around a out of now where flew by a F-18!!   It was amazing!
Well, he flew past so fast and through the clouds were barely saw him.   We kept hiking and 20 minutes later I could hear him coming back again and boy did we get a treat!
He surprised us by nose diving first down towards the lake and then popping right back up into the clouds.
Truly a special show of it's own!
  I couldn't stop jumping up and down! 

It was such a peaceful day and you just can't beat the beauty right here.

If you get a chance you must go check this spot out.
It's just past Hyak off of I-90 past Snoqualimie

My girl and I all smiles enjoying the sunny weather while being in the snow....... such a great time!