Friday, January 18, 2019


The sweet love holiday is approaching and it's time to spread some love!
This card is a mix of textures for sure!

Most of all the pieces here are from leftovers from 
past Paper Pumpkin kits. 
I know that makes it a little harder for you to duplicate,
but my thought is that the card will inspire you to try to make
this exact card or maybe one similar to it.  
You may have some of these pieces or not, but look through 
all you do have and try and create what you can.
The idea is to CREATE!!!

So here's to spreading love by making some 
sweet valentines for you to spread around!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Country Home

Country Home made the cut today!
I used some of our retired vellum called Sheer Perfection
I used two of the striped sheets and overlapped to make them
look like buffalo plaid.

This card is pretty basic.
I stamped the flowers and pot on a oval cut piece of
carstock and used dimensionals to adhere to the card.
To finish it off I tied jute around the fold of the card.

Did you know that it's SALE-A-BRATION time
at Stampin Up!?
That means for every $50/$100 spent you get to choose FREE
product!  You can order from the Annual Catalog or the Occasions Catalog.  Check below for the links for the catalogs


Monday, January 14, 2019

Gold Creek Trail

This weekend we decided to take advantage of our spring like "winter" to head east of the mountains to the cascades to a
favorite spot of ours called Gold Creed Pond.  
Looks more like a lake doesn't it?
And the views did not disappoint!

The day was gorgeous!
While we were hiking we heard a loud rumble, like an onset of a avalanche.  I said it out loud and looked around a out of now where flew by a F-18!!   It was amazing!
Well, he flew past so fast and through the clouds were barely saw him.   We kept hiking and 20 minutes later I could hear him coming back again and boy did we get a treat!
He surprised us by nose diving first down towards the lake and then popping right back up into the clouds.
Truly a special show of it's own!
  I couldn't stop jumping up and down! 

It was such a peaceful day and you just can't beat the beauty right here.

If you get a chance you must go check this spot out.
It's just past Hyak off of I-90 past Snoqualimie

My girl and I all smiles enjoying the sunny weather while being in the snow....... such a great time!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Country Home

Farmhouse'in it up today with the return of the Country
Home stamp set.   If you haven't snagged this one, check it out.
This card has been cut the long way on a 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of cardstock, meaning turn the paper to the 8 1/2" side and cut it at
4 1/4" then fold in half.  Once in half cut 2 1/2" down the center.
(you can see a visual below) 

I layered two different pieces of paper over the top of the crumb cake cardstock.    The circle is cut at 2" and popped up.
The water coloring was done using the aqua painter with crumb cake ink pad and smoky slate.

Here is what the stamp set looks like.
#147678 is the order number, the cost is $21.00
You can order it HERE

Country Home Photopolymer Stamp Set

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Country Home

Country home returns!
I haven't gotten this gem of a stamp set out in quite some time.
This set is so fresh!  I love it's simplicity.

The way I was able to make the black/white checked
background was to use two sheets of our Vellum stripped paper
and just layered it on top of each other
to make the buffalo plaid look.  
The rest is simply stamping and then cutting out the flowers and watering vase.  Super easy!
I hope you are inspired you to create something

Monday, January 7, 2019

Creative Class

I'm finally getting around to posting the rest of the 
projects from the creative class 
Above we created these mixed media canvas pictures.

First we painted the canvases white and then stamped
with a burlap stamp onto kraft cardstock.  I printed
out the bird images that we modge podged onto the kraft
cardstock then added the washi tape. Super easy diy

I found these adorable little greenery sitting in metal holders
at Hobby Lobby.  They were on their clearance for 60 cents!!!

They also made three of these cards and below
which you have seen the last few posts.
I hope these inspire you to try one of these projects!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Glass Stickers

Here are the pretty glass stickers I showed you on
my last post and promised to show you how to 
make them.
The glass jars were purchased at the Dollar Tree
They have so many to choose from, and it makes it affordable
and a lot of fun to choose the different glass holders

Now to get started
Please use the products I am showing you 
for the best results.  This is tried and true and if
you divert to save money say on a cheaper packaging tape
the process with not work.
So here goes....
purchase a roll of Gorilla packaging tape, this type is
commercial type grade and very thick, just what you 
need for this project.
I bought mine at my local hardware store for $5.99

Then choose any images that you can print out
These can be found on many sites.
I would suggest looking on Pinterest for free printable images
Once you find what you like, print them from your home
This next step is very important .....
Now, your home computer is most likely a ink-jet printer
Ink jet printers are printers that require a refill ink cartridges
Then there are laser jet printers that require toners.
You need to use a laser print printer for this project
If you do not have one not to worry, here is what you
will do.
Take the printed out image you printed at home to your local
printer (they use laser jet printers) and have them print
what you printed onto copy paper (not cardstock paper)
using their laser jet printer (cost is 6 cents a sheet)
This photo below are the images I had copied

I am sure you are wondering why printing the images 
on a laser jet is important
See this photo below?
The top image is with laser jet, the one on the bottom is ink jet
You just don't get the clarity or depth of the image with a ink jet
Now moving on......

Once your images are printed, using your Gorilla tape
tape right over the TOP of the image you like and then cut it out
I simply cut a square around my images as you can see below

Next step is to use a bowl of some sort and fill it with hot
water, put your images in the water for at least 7 mins

Take them out one at a time and under running water, 
start to rub away all of the paper off the back of the
image.  Keep rubbing til you get it all off.
You can see below how I start to rub it off, it
comes off quite easy you will be surprised

Once it is all rubbed off, put them on a paper towel to dry
sticky side facing up.  
Once they are dry it is truly surprising how they become 
completely sticky again!  
If you find when they are dry that maybe you missed a little
paper on the sticker you can easily go back to the sink and
under the running water start rubbing away what you might have
missed and let the piece dry again.  

Now that they are dry, this is where the magic begins!
Take your glass object and press your sticker onto the
glass!  You might want to get quite a few glass pieces as
these becomes quite addictive to make!
You will love the results! 
Have fun trying this diy!
Also note:  they can also be adhered to wood and metal
Now I really opened your door of possibilities!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Creative Class

Creative class is tomorrow and here is a fun new diy for you to try
These are stickers created out of packaging tape and printed images!
Yes,  you read that right!

I found the idea on a site where I typically 
look for graphics, but found this diy

It's super easy and fun and can be applied to metal, wood or glass.
All I have done is printed off some images using a laser jet printer
instead of my ink jet printer.  Most of us have ink jet printer at home, you may own a laser jet which is excellent for this project.
If you don't own one then your local printer can print your images
for you.   I just printed them out off of my printer, took them
into my local printer and had them print them for a mere 6 cents
a sheet.

Now,  I am going to wait to post the rest of the instructions til after class tomorrow so that I can share them in the class with everyone coming, that way I don't spoil it for those coming who read my blog!
So, that means you have to come back to visit to see
how to make these beauties!

They really turned out great!
Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year's Appetizer hacks


Happy New Year friends!  Bringing you a quick fun video for some easy two ingredient appetizers for your New Year's day.  Are you hanging out watching football?  Cleaning up holiday decor? Well, you most likely have these two ingredients right in your fridge. 
Watch as my daughter and myself show you some super quick yummy appetizer hacks you can whip up in no time!   Enjoy!
My personal fav is the pesto cream cheese dip.....nom nom!

Also sharing with you a collection of my top fav pics I posted to social media this year.  Each represents a different event or adventure for that month......

January- Disney trip

February- mountain adventuring 

March- Snow shoeing 

April-  Grand Canyon 

May- WACO!!

June- Father's Day

July- Paddleboarding 

August - Vashon Island

September - FALL!  

October - Halloween 

November - Girl's retreat 

December - Christmas/Family 

Take a leap of faith and begin this 
wonderous New Year by believing !
Happy 2019 friends!