Sunday, April 29, 2018

Flourish Conference

Hello friends!
It's been a busy last few days
This is my third year being the decor lead for the women's Flourish conference.  

It's always such an honor to be able create the decor for this conference.  This year's theme Your Story Matters

Two red headed rebels.

Some of the stage decor
Those are large paper flowers I made for the stage as well as the "Your Story"  signs.  

I was very honored to be asked to speak this year on what it looks like to be living as a Motherless Daughter.
There is my sweet mama left on the jumbo tron, she has be gone for 23 years now.  Hard to believe my friends

She's so cute in this picture

Here I am in both these photos looking ever so serious.
I suppose yes,  it was quite serious, all the other panelist
who spoke had most recently lost their Mother's

Sharing with you a little bit of what I talked about on stage...
When we lose our Mothers our core identity passes with them, for a short while.  But during that short while your resolving past conflicts, healing in grief, and reeling with the absence of her nurturing hand.
The legacy of your Mother shifts us,  it defines our present day relationships, it's ongoing, yet beautiful as you recognize and feel her legacy and spirit show throughout your own heart and life everyday.  All the things she showed you, taught you, how she loved you comes through  Every. Single. Day.
And there, there you are left with the love she gave you day in and day out, right there in the depth of your broken heart.
With time the healing comes, and it does come friends.... it's an ongoing personal process.  

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Farmhouse wood bead garland

I've been busy beading away over here
Been fun filling orders for these super cute beads
Haven't seen them before?
They are natural wood beads for home decor

They can be easily incorporated into your decor whether you have modern decor, rustic, farmhouse, any!
The look great mixed in with other items, or  on your 3 tier trays, or setting on the mantle or draped across the front of the mantle.  
The possibilities are endless
I would love to hear how your using yours!

I have two sizes available
one is the long 30" garland and the other has a 2 1/2" opening for you to drape over a vase or anything else that has a small opening to slide it over.

Here's two different ways I have used them,
above draped around a large vase.
Below it fits nicely over the spout of the vase.

The large long garland measuring 30" long is $15
The small one measures 2 1/2" opening is $10
You can purchase them by going to my shop on the home page on my blog under 2340 West Newton 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hello Spring

How adorable are these Farmhouse  hello Spring signs!
We made these last friday at creative class

I started out by looking online for free spring printables
I found the print above and loved it.  Once I found the print I wanted, I printed it out on heavy weight white cardstock

For the frame I found these shims at Home Depot.  
They are natural wood that you could stain if you wanted, but for class purposes we used them ala' natural

Now when using shims as your frame base, make sure you are paying attention when gluing them down.  One side of the shim is thicker than the other side so be sure you line them up properly.
 I started at the bottom adding just a line of glue and setting the paper on top, then repeating by adding the top shim piece

The shims come 12' long, I cut mine down to 9 1/2" by using a hand paper cutter.  No need for a saw, this wood is nice and lightweight and thin on one side

Now when you glue the top frame put the first piece of shim down and glue it to the paper, but before you add the top piece you will add two dollops of glue to each side and add your twine for hanging the framed art.   

How cute is this!!!!  gaaahhhhh!!!

Items needed for project

Printed art
glue gun
wood shims
(you get 42 in a package for $4.89 - Home Depot)

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Donut Creative Class

Friday was a sweet morning with a donut themed creative class

Here are some of the cards and banner we made
If you are ever not able to make the classes kits are available for purchase.  Feel free to message me and I can send you out one in the mail.   The cost is $30.00 and includes everything to make what we make here in the creative classes.

These projects mostly came from past Paper Pumpkins

We also made a spring wall art project that I will be posting for you on tuesday to see.
If you follow me on instagram, I posted the project there on friday, but plan on showing you tuesday how they were made.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Donut you want to have fun?

Donut you just want to have some fun?
My upcoming class is everything donuts
This card is pretty basic and easy to do

I used a 1 3/4' circle punch to punch out the crumb cake donut and then also cut out a 1 3/4" circle with the glimmer paper.
For the center to be punched out I used the smallest circle framelit which measures a 3/4" in size.
The sequins are from a past Paper Pumpkin that I put to use as the sprinkles on the donut

For the frosting of the donut I just fussy cut around the circle
The stamp is from the past Paper Pumpkin Sprinkled with Love set

You can see in the pic how I cut out the donuts
To the right of the pic is the small framelit I used to cut out the center.
Donut you want to try these!  baaahaaaaa!!!
My creative class is friday morning, so keep an eye out for me donuts!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Farmhouse Wood Bead Garland

Hello friends!
So excited to be adding to my shop these Farmhouse natural wood beads I have been making!
They come in two sizes.  One is a long strand that you can drape on your mantle or over your decor or like I have above around my large sea glass vase.

In this photo you can see the two styles available
The long garland measures 30" long and the bead size are 16mm
The smaller vase garland has an opening of 2 1/2" to slide over a vase or other decor.

I used the vase garland to put around my large vase.
You can see it fits nicely, this vase is a tall one sitting at 12" tall

These farmhouse beads can be used in all kinds of your home decor from sitting it on your shelf to accenting your farmhouse decor, also can be used as tie backs for your curtains.  The possibilities are endless.

Head on over to my Etsy page to order
Ships in two days.
Click HERE

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Grand Canyon

It's been a fun filled week in the desert.
We took our first visit up to the Grand Canyon and fell in love with the views.  It was so completely beautiful that it looked like someone had painted a wall of beauty in front of us. 
These photos don't even do it justice.

We were able to hike along the south rim of the canyon as the north rim was closed due to inclement weather.
When we left Phoenix to drive up to the canyon the temperature was 95, at the canyon it was a perfect 72.
Couldn't have asked for more perfect weather for being there.

I half expected it to be busy with it being spring break, but it wasn't.   No lines, very few people.
We were amazed to see how comfortable the wildlife was with us being in their playground

We all reached new "heights" at the canyon
Our next stop was Sedona......
stay tuned......

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Graduation Card

I also needed a graduation card for one of the guys so here's the same card as my last post, just different background paper.   
                    I hope it looks masculine enough!                          

Stamped the inside just the same as the last.  
(i'm so original...)