Thursday, February 13, 2020

Diy Wall arcylic frames

Today I am sharing with you these diy acrylic frames that you too can make!
I went to our local McClendon's hardware where they sell acrylic sheets that they also will cut to size for you.
So once you decide where you want to put your frames you will then decide on what size you would like.
I chose to have mine cut at 11 x 14" so that I could display 
the photo size I chose which is 8 x 10"

Your next step will be to gently using your largest drill bit
a hole that is similar to the size of the wall mount peg you choose.
I choose to different types off of Amazon.  The ones here in brushed nickel color are skinnier than the ones below I am working on now that are matte black and much thicker.
Make sure you get two pieces of acrylic per picture as your photos are sandwiched between them. 

You can't see it very well in this photo but it is two pieces sandwiched together then held with the pegs.

I tried to get a little closer for you, but still hard to see.
I thought about using just one piece per frame and tried to use the smallest glue dots to hold my picture in place on the front but you can really see the dot especially if the sun is shining on the frame.
Doesn't look so good.....

I am also working on the one below in the black matte pegs
which I love.  Just note, you can see I had to drill farther away from the corner of the black peg ones due to them being much wider in size then the brushed nickel ones.  I ended up measuring in 1" on each side for the black frame where the above one was
just a 1/2" measurement.
I hope you get a chance to try and make one of these. 
I was thinking about doing them over Christmas to give as gifts
but ran out of time with the season being short. 
Maybe this year????

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