Monday, January 13, 2020

Stitched heart cards

Who's ready to try their hands at a new idea?
Come on! It's the new year and I personally challenged
you to try at least 3 new things this year!
This can be ONE of them!
How about trying card stitching!
Kind of fun concept, especially for those who love to create
cards but want to add a little stitching to them.

With Valentine's day approaching I thought it would be
fitting to try a heart.
I used both white and red paper/thread to give you a 
look at both.

What you need to get this project started:
an piercing tool
 (if you don't have one a push pin works just fine)
a soft rubber mat
(if you don't have this then a dry sponge works too)
cardstock paper
heart shape
(you can cut one out or use a die cut framelit as I have)
threads and needle

Starting with your cardstock and using your heart template
take your pencil and trace the heart onto the center
of the card.

Simple as this below.....

Then using your piercing tool or push pin, 
make holes all the way around the heart giving
at least a 1/8" between each hole.

Looks like this when done.
Erase your pencil marks gently

Now using your thread and needle make a knot on the end
of your thread and starting from the back just as you sew 
any type of material go up from underneath and start
to go from one hole to another.  It should all work
out when you have completed all the hole connections.
If you find you are short one then take the needle down into
and existing hole that you already used and turn over
the card.   To finish it off spread the remaining thread
in half and tie a knot.  If it is really long still, cut it 
down to a half inch before tying it off.
There you have it!
You tried something new this year! 
I am so proud of you!

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