Friday, December 13, 2019

Gnome Ornaments


Hangin with my gnomies at Zulily headquarters via video to show you how to make these adorable gnome ornaments.  Come watch and follow along on how to make these cuties!  
                               Bonus; deer head ornament as well.   
                                     Merry Christmas friends! 

Aren't they just too cute!
Here's what you need;
Faux fur
Felt or any material for hats
flat wood rounds for heads (1 1/2")
mini wood rounds for noses
(you can also use buttons or clay shaped as a nose)
twine for hanging
bells, pom poms for top of hat
glue gun/scissors/pencil with eraser so you don't burn yourself
That's literally it!

You can make these larger too, you will just have to adjust
you hat and beard size.
To create a beard I just cut a 3" triangle, for the hat I also cut a triangle but rounded off the bottom which you can see in the video.
I hope you get a chance to make these and enjoy adding them to your Christmas trees, a bottle of wine or bubbly, a present or just to gift! 
Have fun with this diy!

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