Monday, December 2, 2019

All wrapped up!

I love to wrap presents....
that being said I wanted to share with you a few easy
ways to add some creative ways to dress up your packages.

 A fun way to get the kids in on the packaging is to wrap your package with kraft wrapping paper.  Once it's wrapped using a sharpie pen draw the eyes and antlers. 
 For the red nose I used a glue gun and attached the cute
sparkly nose.

This next one is possibly the easiest!
Using your old left over Christmas cards cut the back off the card and then glue the image right onto the front of the wrapped gift
as you see I have done in the photo.  This is a great way to up cycle your old cards and add a personal touch to your package. 
Can you see the tag on the present in the picture?
Once you cut away the back side of the card you are left with the inside greeting.  I used my 2" tag punch to punch out the image, I then used it as the tag for the gift. 

Here's another festive way to add some natural flare to your packages.  Wrap them in the kraft paper and tie just around the 
packages.  I ran it around it four times.  Once done I tied on the tag and added some fresh rosemary.
I have sooooo much fresh rosemary and have been trying to use it on my packages and in my diy's
Try adding dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks too!
Also up close below.......

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