Thursday, July 11, 2019

Dorm Room diy


Excited to be sharing our latest video from Zulily on drab to fab diy dorm room decor.  Come see how to easily make one of these 
chalkboard frames for your dorm or home.  You will be amazed at 
how quickly you can make one of these frames!

What you need for this project;
Any sized framed with the glass
sponge brush spray paint primer
(I used 1-2-3 primer)
You can get this at any Home Depot or Lowe's 
That's it!

Think of the possibilities for this project!
Gifts for your friends/family for the holidays,
can be used in your dorm, on your front porch on the side of
the house or on a stand welcoming friends/family to your home.
In your kitchen,  oh all the places!

I hope you have fun trying this super easy diy and if you do,
send me off your photos!

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