Tuesday, May 14, 2019

DIY Photo Hoop

DIY Photo hoop project........

Next month my daughter graduates from High School, 
I wanted to make some decor for her grad party.
Above are a few items I purchased from the Dollar Tree to make
this project.   
You will need to get:
a hula hoop
a garland of greens
a bunch of flowers

This project is a great way to showcase the different photos you have from year to year.  It is also a great project for weddings, showers, baby showers or birthday parties so give it a try. 

I chose the hula hoop with the least amount of design
on it so I could easily spray paint it.  I sprayed mine gold.

Once it's dry, take a ribbon of your choice and stagger the ribbon
across the hoop as you see above.  Once you have them where
you would like them, using a hot glue gun, adhere them to the hoop.

The ribbon I used it like a linen cloth type, it's what I have on had.
You can use any color for the event you are hosting.
To attach the photos I used the little wooden clothes pins.
You can find them at your local craft stores, even the Dollar Tree carries them. 

Using the leaf garland, fold it over and cut it in half.
That way you have enough for each side of the hoop.
Wrap it around and glue it down.  

I placed three flowers on each side as you can see.
And here it is all done!
I made two of them to place in my front windows in our
living room so people can walk over and take a peek.
To hang them I ran some twine around the top and used a push pin to push it into this framed window.
Have fun trying these!  

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