Monday, April 15, 2019

Devil's Bridge

We wrapped up our week long visit with family and friends
in Arizona today.  Back to the gray cold skies......
It was amazing to wake up everyday to those crystal blue skies 
and warm weather....... 

We ventured to a new spot this trip, Devil's Bridge just
literally outside of Sedona.
 The hike is a good 2 miles to the trail head and back making it a full 4+ miles. 

The scenery was spectacular and luckily no snakes!
I was told April is snake season and when they start
coming out to sun themselves.
I kept watch as I watched every step I took!

Once to the top there were flowers laying there.
We figured someone must have been there earlier 
and gotten engaged.

My two girls.

Here they are on the edge of Devil's Bridge

And here's my man out there in victory!
Such a beautiful hike

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