Saturday, February 23, 2019

Stamped Books

I've been seeing these super cute sets of diy stamped stacked books all over IG and had to give them a try.
I've showed you two different ways to make them.....

The ones above are just the books that I cut away the binding from.
Here's how to do them. 

I went to the Dollar Tree to buy my hardback books.  If you are lucky enough to have some old hardbound books at home that you are ready to be done with then use them, I had none so for a mere $3 I got these ones.
In choosing your books think about the thickness of the spine as well as the length of the book.  I tried to choose three books that weren't quite the same length.

Once you decide on your books it's time to take the paper cover off and open the book to the spine.
You can see in the above picture how I'm doing this.
Take your exacto knife and cut down the spine 
then start to pull the cover of the book away from the spine.
Turn to the back page and score the back spine with your knife
then you will be able to completely pull the cover off as you see below.

I have seen many other people just stamp on the spine as you see it
above all rough and old looking, but I found that is caused the letters to bleed so measure and cut yourself a piece of cardstock to fit on the spine of the book but before attaching it be sure to stamp your words you have chosen for your book. 

Like this..... I stamped before gluing the words on, 
so much easier.
Once they are all stamped, stack them on top of 
each other and tie them with a ribbon or jute.

Now, as an alternative and much easier way to do this is
take some books from around your house and "wrap" them
like you would a christmas present.  
Once wrapped stamp the edges of the book with your quote.
Take some jute and tie it around the books.

Rolls of kraft paper can be found at....
where else,   the Dollar Tree!

Once all wrapped add your jute or ribbon
I added some greenery on top
The nice thing about the alternative technique
is when you are done or want to change the quote
you just unwrap the books and start over! 
How easy is that! plus you don't have to cut up
your books.
I hope you give this a try, it is so cute and looks great among your decor! 

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