Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year's Appetizer hacks


Happy New Year friends!  Bringing you a quick fun video for some easy two ingredient appetizers for your New Year's day.  Are you hanging out watching football?  Cleaning up holiday decor? Well, you most likely have these two ingredients right in your fridge. 
Watch as my daughter and myself show you some super quick yummy appetizer hacks you can whip up in no time!   Enjoy!
My personal fav is the pesto cream cheese dip.....nom nom!

Also sharing with you a collection of my top fav pics I posted to social media this year.  Each represents a different event or adventure for that month......

January- Disney trip

February- mountain adventuring 

March- Snow shoeing 

April-  Grand Canyon 

May- WACO!!

June- Father's Day

July- Paddleboarding 

August - Vashon Island

September - FALL!  

October - Halloween 

November - Girl's retreat 

December - Christmas/Family 

Take a leap of faith and begin this 
wonderous New Year by believing !
Happy 2019 friends!

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