Saturday, January 5, 2019

Glass Stickers

Here are the pretty glass stickers I showed you on
my last post and promised to show you how to 
make them.
The glass jars were purchased at the Dollar Tree
They have so many to choose from, and it makes it affordable
and a lot of fun to choose the different glass holders

Now to get started
Please use the products I am showing you 
for the best results.  This is tried and true and if
you divert to save money say on a cheaper packaging tape
the process with not work.
So here goes....
purchase a roll of Gorilla packaging tape, this type is
commercial type grade and very thick, just what you 
need for this project.
I bought mine at my local hardware store for $5.99

Then choose any images that you can print out
These can be found on many sites.
I would suggest looking on Pinterest for free printable images
Once you find what you like, print them from your home
This next step is very important .....
Now, your home computer is most likely a ink-jet printer
Ink jet printers are printers that require a refill ink cartridges
Then there are laser jet printers that require toners.
You need to use a laser print printer for this project
If you do not have one not to worry, here is what you
will do.
Take the printed out image you printed at home to your local
printer (they use laser jet printers) and have them print
what you printed onto copy paper (not cardstock paper)
using their laser jet printer (cost is 6 cents a sheet)
This photo below are the images I had copied

I am sure you are wondering why printing the images 
on a laser jet is important
See this photo below?
The top image is with laser jet, the one on the bottom is ink jet
You just don't get the clarity or depth of the image with a ink jet
Now moving on......

Once your images are printed, using your Gorilla tape
tape right over the TOP of the image you like and then cut it out
I simply cut a square around my images as you can see below

Next step is to use a bowl of some sort and fill it with hot
water, put your images in the water for at least 7 mins

Take them out one at a time and under running water, 
start to rub away all of the paper off the back of the
image.  Keep rubbing til you get it all off.
You can see below how I start to rub it off, it
comes off quite easy you will be surprised

Once it is all rubbed off, put them on a paper towel to dry
sticky side facing up.  
Once they are dry it is truly surprising how they become 
completely sticky again!  
If you find when they are dry that maybe you missed a little
paper on the sticker you can easily go back to the sink and
under the running water start rubbing away what you might have
missed and let the piece dry again.  

Now that they are dry, this is where the magic begins!
Take your glass object and press your sticker onto the
glass!  You might want to get quite a few glass pieces as
these becomes quite addictive to make!
You will love the results! 
Have fun trying this diy!
Also note:  they can also be adhered to wood and metal
Now I really opened your door of possibilities!!!

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