Thursday, January 3, 2019

Creative Class

Creative class is tomorrow and here is a fun new diy for you to try
These are stickers created out of packaging tape and printed images!
Yes,  you read that right!

I found the idea on a site where I typically 
look for graphics, but found this diy

It's super easy and fun and can be applied to metal, wood or glass.
All I have done is printed off some images using a laser jet printer
instead of my ink jet printer.  Most of us have ink jet printer at home, you may own a laser jet which is excellent for this project.
If you don't own one then your local printer can print your images
for you.   I just printed them out off of my printer, took them
into my local printer and had them print them for a mere 6 cents
a sheet.

Now,  I am going to wait to post the rest of the instructions til after class tomorrow so that I can share them in the class with everyone coming, that way I don't spoil it for those coming who read my blog!
So, that means you have to come back to visit to see
how to make these beauties!

They really turned out great!
Stay tuned! 

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