Friday, August 10, 2018

2340 West Newton

Stupid dishes!
Possibly the most popular towel in my shop right now
How cute to add a couple of wooden spoons and a beautiful white
pottery bowl to gift for a wedding, or bride or just any gift!

My wood bead garland are another popular piece you can purchase for your home decor, gifts or staging.  
They are hand made with love my little ole' me

2340 West Newton
is a shop I decided to open to honor the home where I was raised. 2340 West Newton was our address at our home Magnolia, WA
It is the house that built me.... the house I grew up in. 
The house where my story began.  I have so many fond memories there; celebrations, silliness, laughter, love, but with all of us in our stories, heartbreak.
We all have our own story.  One which we each can only realte to.  One we stay attached to....AND we stay attached to our story, and that keeps us from growing and living. 
 Sharing and growing through the process of our stories is the bravest thing we will ever do.  It creates healing and growing with us we never knew existed.  
I knew that even though the struggles were real and hard, that I surely appreciated the happier times there and wanted to honor my Mom and Dad and all they did to make our family life fun and full of love.   That's where 2340 West Newton emerged from.

Love yourself through it all friends,  for it was God's plan from the beginning to take you through the story in your life, to strengthen you to be able to help others through their process as well.

My shop has 10 different towels designs to choose from,
come on over and check out my shop today!

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