Friday, July 13, 2018

Wood Bead Garland idea

I get asked a lot what to do with the wood bead garland.
you can add it to ANY decor
I sell two sizes;
one is a 2" round that fits around a vase 
the other a 30" strand   
Below are a few ideas for you....

This is the larger strand that I wrapped around a large vase

Here is the same size draped around a candle with some greenery

Christmas in July anyone?
This one is draped across the mantle with cute stockings

This photo was sent to me by Openhousestaging who purchased 
quite a few strands for staging homes in Seattle
You can see the decor is a more modern vibe and they look great!

Here they are nestled in a galvanized tray with some other decor

for you Dunnies out there,  (Rae Dunn pottery)
for those who haven't heard of it
I just draped them over the creamer

Now I have given you a few ways you can decorate using them!
And I LOVE recieving your pictures of how you're using them in your decor so please send me yours!
If you are interested in purchasing them they can be found
at my Etsy shop 2340 West Newton HERE

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