Friday, July 27, 2018

Creative Class

Today is creative class!
Here are the projects we are making this morning
Can you see a theme here?
Everything here is Lavender!

The first is a vintage Lavender wood sign
I stained the wood in a dark walnut for a different look
than I have used before

Next up is floating candles decorated 
in either a farmhouse decor or
with fresh Lavender

I have harvested so much Lavender in the last few weeks I thought
it would be fun to make lavender sugar

And last but not least Lavender syrup
I showed you how to make this a few posts back

Lavender syrup recipe HERE

I found some adorable glass containers for the class
a little different than these pictured. 
 It's fun to make and super easy too.

Love to have you join us!
Classes are once a month on fridays
Message me if you are interested

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