Saturday, June 23, 2018

Paper Pumpkin June 2018

                                                                                        The new Paper Pumpkin is out...
      What are your thoughts?  It's not receiving the best reviews.
                 What do you think of the colors?  The design?

As usual, I changed it up just a bit.  
Tried to use only what is in the kit this time.

This one got a Kate Spade inspired lift
I used our Stampin Write makers to lightly color in the flower petals.

This card I didn't change too much, just kept out the sparky gold words.  You can follow the video I posted to the tee or try and get creative to make what you like.

These small cards were made by using the banners that are to be placed on the front of the cards for layering.
Just fold them in half and add the balloon and cake
And there you have it!
Get a little creative this weekend doing something that make you happy!   

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