Sunday, June 3, 2018

Embroidered Pillow

Last monday's post I showed you these carved stamps that we made at the retreat I was at in Camano Island
I used all the carved stamps Stephanie had made to create the image on the muslin we were given.
I decided to turn it into a pillow and I finally finished it this week!

I decided to only use four neutral colors and mostly embroidered the hearts. 
I used a pillow that I had laying around and sewed it all up.
I loved how it turned out and love all of Stephanie's stamps I used.

The heart is the carved stamps we made, once I stamped all the images on my muslin I decided to darken it with sharpie

You can do this with any stamps and muslin and a stamp pad
Once you have it all stamped choose your embroidery colors and start to stitch your images.
Last year when we did embroidery Stephanie had brought all kinds of printed fabric that we embroidered all the different images.
Many options!

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