Monday, May 28, 2018

Finishing up

Last weekend while I was at Camano Island 
we tried our hands at carving stamps.
Once we carved them we were given muslin
to stamp the images on and then stitch embroider
where ever you wanted color

We used a product called Moo Carve and carving tools
we started by drawing out our images then transferring them
onto the Moo carve, then carefully carving them out.

The above stamps were carved by Stephanie who taught our class
I used the majority of her stamps to stamp my muslin piece
I wasn't able to stay the entire weekend and wanted to be
sure to get the piece stamped so I could work on it later

Later has meant this weekend while we have been away in the mountains.  What a perfect time to stitch!
I went over all the stamped images with sharpie, not sure why,
I just felt like it needed to be darker for my liking

I chose some neutral colored embroidery threads to 
add.  Once I finish I plan on turning it into a pillow

I just did a few basic stitches that I learned when I was a little girl
French knot, satin stitch and a cross stitch
Super fun going back to remembering as a girl stitching in the living room watching TV with my Mom as we worked on embroidery pillow cases for gifts for family

How fun to try something you haven't done in a long time!!!
Hopefully I will stayed focused on finishing, hard for me to sit still and stitch, got to admit it!  owning it friends, owning it!

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