Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hello Spring

How adorable are these Farmhouse  hello Spring signs!
We made these last friday at creative class

I started out by looking online for free spring printables
I found the print above and loved it.  Once I found the print I wanted, I printed it out on heavy weight white cardstock

For the frame I found these shims at Home Depot.  
They are natural wood that you could stain if you wanted, but for class purposes we used them ala' natural

Now when using shims as your frame base, make sure you are paying attention when gluing them down.  One side of the shim is thicker than the other side so be sure you line them up properly.
 I started at the bottom adding just a line of glue and setting the paper on top, then repeating by adding the top shim piece

The shims come 12' long, I cut mine down to 9 1/2" by using a hand paper cutter.  No need for a saw, this wood is nice and lightweight and thin on one side

Now when you glue the top frame put the first piece of shim down and glue it to the paper, but before you add the top piece you will add two dollops of glue to each side and add your twine for hanging the framed art.   

How cute is this!!!!  gaaahhhhh!!!

Items needed for project

Printed art
glue gun
wood shims
(you get 42 in a package for $4.89 - Home Depot)

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