Sunday, April 29, 2018

Flourish Conference

Hello friends!
It's been a busy last few days
This is my third year being the decor lead for the women's Flourish conference.  

It's always such an honor to be able create the decor for this conference.  This year's theme Your Story Matters

Two red headed rebels.

Some of the stage decor
Those are large paper flowers I made for the stage as well as the "Your Story"  signs.  

I was very honored to be asked to speak this year on what it looks like to be living as a Motherless Daughter.
There is my sweet mama left on the jumbo tron, she has be gone for 23 years now.  Hard to believe my friends

She's so cute in this picture

Here I am in both these photos looking ever so serious.
I suppose yes,  it was quite serious, all the other panelist
who spoke had most recently lost their Mother's

Sharing with you a little bit of what I talked about on stage...
When we lose our Mothers our core identity passes with them, for a short while.  But during that short while your resolving past conflicts, healing in grief, and reeling with the absence of her nurturing hand.
The legacy of your Mother shifts us,  it defines our present day relationships, it's ongoing, yet beautiful as you recognize and feel her legacy and spirit show throughout your own heart and life everyday.  All the things she showed you, taught you, how she loved you comes through  Every. Single. Day.
And there, there you are left with the love she gave you day in and day out, right there in the depth of your broken heart.
With time the healing comes, and it does come friends.... it's an ongoing personal process.  

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