Thursday, April 26, 2018

Farmhouse wood bead garland

I've been busy beading away over here
Been fun filling orders for these super cute beads
Haven't seen them before?
They are natural wood beads for home decor

They can be easily incorporated into your decor whether you have modern decor, rustic, farmhouse, any!
The look great mixed in with other items, or  on your 3 tier trays, or setting on the mantle or draped across the front of the mantle.  
The possibilities are endless
I would love to hear how your using yours!

I have two sizes available
one is the long 30" garland and the other has a 2 1/2" opening for you to drape over a vase or anything else that has a small opening to slide it over.

Here's two different ways I have used them,
above draped around a large vase.
Below it fits nicely over the spout of the vase.

The large long garland measuring 30" long is $15
The small one measures 2 1/2" opening is $10
You can purchase them by going to my shop on the home page on my blog under 2340 West Newton 

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