Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wildflower Wishes

Paper Pumpkin february 2018 Wildflower Wishes.
  These are just a few more pieces that were left, they are the small pieces of crumb cake cardstock that were to go over the top of the original design.  They are printed on top.  Fold them over and make small cards with them.  I used some white tags leftover from past kits and leftover glitter brads I had on hand.
I try and use up ALL the things in the kit.

See above how it says "sweets"?  
I added the "s" on the end.  The stamp says "hello sweet" but I wanted it to say "hello sweets" 

The little cards are in the picture below all the way to the right at the top

Image result for stampin Up Paper Pumpkin wildflower wishes

I was able to make 8 mini cards total.  Not too bad! 
Use up ALL the things in your kits friends, challenge yourselves!

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