Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Dollar Tree Valentine Bouquet

This bunch of tootsie roll pops can be found at your local Dollar Tree, for yes,  a dollar!  there are 6 total in the bunch

They look cute just as is, but why not doll them up!

I started by using the Big Shot Rosette Die
They punch out these circular spirals and you roll them up to roses.
I used a glue gun to make them and also to attach them to the bouquet of pops.

I started by gluing them one by one on top of each pop,
 there are only six, so you need six roses total.

Once I got them all glued together, I took a 6" doily and pushed it right up through the stems of the pops and tied the white and red ribbon around the base.

Perfect little bouquet to gift your little valentine

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