Sunday, February 11, 2018

Chalk paint cabinet

If you have not tried the Annie Sloans chalk paint you really should~ it is quite easy to use.  
The cabinet above was white before I put the coat of chalk paint on the cabinet.

This is the paint I used.  It is suppose to cover what you are painting in one coat, no sanding or stripping or primer. 
  But I decided to put a second coat on by adding just a tbls of water to some of the chalk paint to thin it out.  
I put it in a solo cup and added just a bit of water to make it not quite as thick as the original thickness.

First coat~
It almost looks brown, but the color is gray like the photo below.
I think it is the lighting.

And below, you will see the place where I wanted the cabinet to go, the guest room.  I love how the color turned out.
I have a few more projects I am working on that I will share with you later this week.  


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Beverly! It is such a rich color and so easy to use.

  2. I love the idea for chalk paint on the tile floor i may have to give it a try. I chalk painted all my kitchen cabinets. Love them. Where did you find your cabinet? I really like it!

    1. Thanks Barbara!
      I purchased the cabinet years ago at Target. I think like 8 or more!

  3. Ok thank you. You did an awesome job on all your pieces.


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