Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year!

Happy New Year friends!
We retreated to the mountains on friday and have been enjoying a ton of snow!
Above was saturday mornings sunrise.  Absolutely stunning colors and then a system came in and..... snow!  and more snow!

This is gorgeous Lake Cle Elum
We took some time and snowmobiled all over the area.  

We even made time for some snowshoeing
Great views from the top!

Today we are gearing up for some partaying tonight!
Getting ready for some iceskating and ringing in the New Year!

This is Nelson Dairy Farm, somewhat of a historical land.
It dates back I believe 100 years.  I love to come down here and take photos and just look around and think about the family that homesteaded here years ago.  The property is just breathtaking
and one of the highlights for me is watching the Elk come in one by one daily to feed.  There are up to 80 that show up.

Here they are feeding.  They come every afternoon around
3-3:30 and walk in single file all at once.  

Looking forward to saying goodbye to 2017 and ushering in 2018 with open arms.
Happy New Year friends!  

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