Saturday, January 13, 2018

January Creative Class

Yesterday was January's Creative Class
Every month I hold a theme class where you come and create many different things.  Sometimes it can be home decor, 3d projects, cards etc.  
And I try to make it all a connected theme.
This month's theme was winter.

Did you know that you can order the kit for the monthly classes from me and have them shipped ready for you to assemble?
You can be a part of the monthly class and I have kits still available for this class!
Just email me and I can ship one out!
The cost is $30
Local?  come join me for next month's class!
February's Class is friday, 2/2
March's class is friday 3/2 - both 10am to noon
$30.00 a person

These adorable mitten's are made with the Smitten Mitten framelits.  Once made they hold two mini Hershey chocolate bars.
I always have a parting gift for my guests.  
The little mittens were the gift this month. 

One of the first things we made were these adorable vintage ball jars filled with Starbucks dark chocolate cocoa.  I purchased the plastic christmas ornaments, (you get two to a package) to put on top of the jars to create a "snowglobe"  We filled the jars first with cocoa, then you glue the lid of the jar lid to the lid portion.  I chose to stamp a dog for the inside of the globe. Once you adhere him to the top of the lid you fill the half globe with fake snow.  Now holding the globe in place and using a hot glue gun, slowly add glue around where the globe meets the jar and but the ribbon over it as you move along in order to glue them together. 
Hope this makes sense!

Isn't he the cutest thing sitting there in the snow!

Once they were made up, we packaged them in cello bags and tied them up with a ribbon for gifting.

The  organic wooden spoons were found at Michael's,  I used just a little bit of washi tape wrapped around them and punched a hole  in the top to add baker's twine to it. 

These are mini test tubes that we filled with marshmellow's and cocoa mix. 
 They are packaged with a paper straw in a 2 x 8" cello bag.

Here's one of the cards they made. Very wintery scene.

One of my customer's Darlene, requested we try and make some pop-up cards. 
 Here are two that we tackled and turned out to be very doable and easy for everyone.

This card hold's a gift box tucked right in the center of the card!

Here is the outside of the second pop-up card.

Once opened you have this beautiful wintery scene inside.

This is the side view.  You can see how 3D it is.


  1. You did some cool projects! I especially love the mittens! What a great idea! I like the big pile of them sitting on the table!

    1. Thanks Laura!
      January is always a hard month, in between to know what to make. The winter theme was fun and everyone seemed to love it!
      Those mitten are so fun to make!


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