Monday, December 18, 2017

String Art Wood ornaments

How are all your preparations going for Christmas?
It's coming quick!  One week to get done.
We made these cute wood disk ornaments this past weekend.  
You can find them at any of your local craft stores or cut your own!

I use wire nails for this project. and the size is 5/8"

I didn't use a pattern or anything, but if you need one you will either print out a line are object that you are making or hand draw one on a piece of paper.   Lay the paper over your piece of wood and start to hammer your nails into the wood around the image. Once your done just rip the paper away.

I use embroidery thread for my string art projects.  It's nice and heavy and you can find many different shades of colors.
Pick a nail to start at and tie a knot to start and start wrapping your thread around all the nails.  There is no pattern, you just work around the tree (or image) first then move through the center. 
Make sure wherever you started that you finish there so that you can tie off where you started.

You can also make string art on larger pieces of wood. 
 I posted ones we made in October HERE 
Give it a try!

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