Saturday, December 16, 2017

Gingerbread Cookie Faces

On thursday I was suppose to visit the Ronald McDonald house to craft with the kids.  Unfortunately, earlier in the week I came down with a nasty cold.  And....  you never want to head to the house sick so that you don't put the kiddos at risk of illness.
My sweet friend Kirstin was able to take my project and craft with them. 
  This is the project I wanted to share with you. 

These are pre-packaged gingerbread cookies made by Little Debbie
By just adding a bow in the girl's head or a bow tie for the boy they became the cutest little gingerbread boy and girls. 

I had them use a white uni-glo pen and black sharpies to create the faces.  The cheeks are large self-adhesive gems from the Dollar Tree. 
You get 24 for a $1.00

These are the cookies by Little Debbie, 12 in a package for $1.79
Any of your supermarkets or Targets or Walmart, etc.  carry these.

Here they are all package up.


  1. These are the CUTEST!!! They put an instant smile on my face!
    I like the nose on the reindeer clip too. I bought a bunch of those clips!

    1. Thanks Laura! they are so easy to make too!
      I had those reindeer clips left from last year and decided to use them finally! We buy these things and seem to never get to them til later!

  2. How cute are these? Where did you buy the reindeer clips? Thank you in advance. Joy

    1. Thanks Joy!
      The reindeer paper clips were sold by Stampin up but are now all gone. I saw some on Etsy here you can get though.


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