Saturday, December 2, 2017

DIY Christmas pillows

Are you into sewing?
Here's a fun way to decorate your home.  I found these canvas and burlap bags at Home Goods and Target. Thanks to @bloomingdiyer showing how to do this, you can make these cute pillows for the holiday.

The bags run between $5.99 and $7.99.  The small ones $1.50-3.00
Start by looking in your home for maybe extra pillows that you don't use anymore before going out and buying new ones.  
I used ones I no longer use.   Taking the bags measure how big your pillow is that you are going to cover and cut off the top and bottom of the bag and sew the bottom, stuff your pillow inside and sew the top.  I did all my sewing on the machine.  It literally took me all of five minutes to sew this large one.

For the small pillows I used and old pillow and cut it open to use the fiberfill so I wouldn't have to go buy any.

Here's the big one all done!

Looks so good on the fireplace!

Here are the other three above.

So fun to make!  You can do this!

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