Friday, December 8, 2017

Chocolate Santa boxes

When I worked a for local wedding company a few years ago, they took us to this candy shop for our Christmas party where we got to make chocolate truffles and molded candies.   I just found this Santa mold in my cupboard and decided to make a few. 
They are just plastic molds that you use with Melt and Mold chocolates from the chocolate company Wilton's. 
 Found at your local craft stores.

These are a good sized box, the lid comes off and you can put any small item inside.   Not sure if you have seen these cute Santa hat Hershey kisses.  They are perfect for this!

The kisses are too cute!

Here they are all packaged up and ready to gift.


  1. Those are cute. My mom & I took a candy making class years ago & used to make all kinds of chocolates. I need to pull out those recipes & try doing them again. I had to laugh, at first I thought your tag said joy, joy, joy. Then I realized it was ho,ho,ho, upside down! :0)

    1. It does look like JOY!!! hahaaaaa!! But then, chocolate does bring joy now doesn't it!
      Yes! You should get out your chocolate supplies and make some! It was super fun!


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