Thursday, November 30, 2017

Let it snow!

And....... this JUST happened!
1,000,000!  milestone!
So humbled and filled with joy that you all have supported and motivated me to continue to post creativity to inspire YOU!
It's fun to be able to share with you my passion for creativity.
Looking forward to many more milestones shared with ya'll!
Thank you!

Good Morning all!
Was looking for a way to spruce up these trees and terra cotta pots.
Enter canned spray snow!  remember that stuff?

Easy to use and dries quickly.  Lightly spray your trees, garland or anything you might want to dust with snow!
I also started with plain terra cotta pots that I dry brushed with white craft acrylic paint, it also dries quickly. 

The result!  Love it!

Here's my little snow capped "forest"


  1. This is just lovely! Love to see projects that recognize the reason for the season!

    1. Thank you Laura, it's all Him! Merry Christmas!


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