Sunday, October 15, 2017

Creative Class

Friday was a fun filled morning with a group of creatives.
Above are the items we made.

Everyone did a great job making their string art pumpkins

You could choose between a brown or white one

One of my creative friends Jackie decided on making us all crack up by adding these googlie eyes to her pumpkin!  hysterical!

I went acorn hunting and found so many that each of the ladies were able to hot glue all the little hats back on them.  A lot of time when you find the little acorns when they drop they loose their hats, so we glue them back on! 
(also, I made sure and heat the acorns first!)

They made these little witches broom lollipops and bath bomb pumpkins wrapped in orange napkins and stamped with pumpkin faces.

We also altered pumpkins.  Some added ribbon, some leaves and ribbon and some acorns.

Here is one of the final string art pumpkins

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