Friday, August 25, 2017

Restore your wood

This is one of my bathrooms
I love to decorate with all the natural woods that are available in home decor right now, but the wood can loose it's beauty pretty quick.  Especially if in kept in the bathroom or kitchen with all the added moisture. 
See the cute wood tray above to the left of the counter?

This is the picture of the little tray "after" I gave it a olive oil bath

Here is my little tray before

all water marked and stained

Now how to easily get it nice and shiny and purrty again?
Start with any olive oil, and a paper towel.  
That easy,  start wiping the piece with a little bit of oil, rub it all over the piece and set on some wax or parchment paper to soak in.

And look at this!
all done and beautiful again!

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