Thursday, May 11, 2017

You are my Hero

Thinking when I made this card that it would be a great card to gift my Dad with.  He is a hero.  He always raised us to be strong and independent individuals. You knew when you disappointed him.  He never had to say anything because you knew what was expected without him shaming or making you feel devalued for what you might have done. 
  He is a quiet man with a large presence.
  A man of few words, but you always know you are loved. 
Father's Day on the brain...... and my Dad

But, then I thought sometimes we have to be our own heroes too.

A hero;
is an ordinary individual
who finds the strength
to persevere and endure
in spite of
overwhelming obstacles.
                                                -christopher reeves

Our stories create us to be heroes don't they?  Can you relate to the above quote?  I can think of all the THINGS that I have endured and experienced in my life that have required me to persevere, endure and overcome.   
That makes us all a hero!
Our mess of our stories become our message for others. We overcome so that we can help others overcome. 
So next time your thinking or are asked who your hero is, be sure to include yourself, as it takes a lot to overcome the many challenging obstacles that make up our stories.  When we stand and share our stories in an empowering way, your story will heal YOU and help heal someone else. 
 YOU are the hero of your story!
All it takes is one of us.   

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