Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Retreat projects

These are some of the beauties I made this past weekend at the Camano retreat.  
 I decided to make these cards to have on hand to attach to gifts.
They start out as just a 4 x 6 piece of tag board and then you just start building,  the polka dot paper is wrapping paper and flower is cut up hearts glued to create the flower.  The rest is all washi tape!

Of course we couldn't resist beachcombing.  I am always on the look out for heart shaped rocks and well..... I did pretty good!
The blue "julie" rock was painted by Stephanie and the "it is well rock" I created just by using washi tape and a cut out heart!
Pretty cute and super easy for all ages! 

These tags are just two index cards glued together and then again just start collaging with washi tape!  yep!  use what you have and just start putting it all down on paper.  The cut out hearts Stephanie had all ready for us to use and the bird on the tag on the left is wrapping paper.  The paper word are cut out from an old book.
YOU can do this!  And it's so fun to look and see what you have to use.  I see a visit to the craft store for some Washi tape! 

I drew little dots on the felt hearts with black sharpie and cut out the leaves.. The rosette is just wrapping paper wrapped around a pencil and glue down.

These next two projects are done the same way, but these are on pieces of cut out wood.
  A lot of collaging with wrapping paper and washi tape and cutting out of words.  The white streaks are made by using a sponge brush and white acrylic paint and gently brushing a light stroke of paint across the finished piece. 

If you want to start out super easy try this below.....
Just glue two index cards together and take your washi tape and just tape them across the paper.  That's it! 
Literally every strip is Washi! with the exception of the bottom right, that one has some wrapping paper on it.  
Now go see what you have,  you can do this!
They make great tags, or bookmarks or you can use them to create a card.  

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