Monday, April 3, 2017

Wooden Cross

I was doing some winter cleanup in the yard last week as it has finally been somewhat warm enough and the ground thawed out enough to even think about being in the yard when I came across these amazing twisted branches.  
I found quite a few and then remembered last fall the neighbors decided to cut down a bunch of trees before the fall wind storms began.  One was a large fir that has a kiwi tree wrapped around the base and branches.  They cut the kiwi down.  These twisted branches had to have been from the kiwi. 
 Anywho..... my creative mind went into high gear.

Some of the branches had moss on them and some more twisted than the other.  I decided what a beautiful cross it could become with Easter just around the corner.   

I ended up making quite a few and then decided to
go back out in the yard and find smaller twigs to create smaller crosses for my women's bible study group. 

I love this;
you might be trash to them, but your worth the cross according to Him.  Rest in those beautiful words.


  1. What a lovely post!
    Wow, isn't nature amazing! You have a good eye. The cross is simple, natural, & beautiful. It's also perfect with it being the Easter season. How many did you end up making?

    1. Thanks love, when I looked down and saw those twisty sticks I thought Wow! I have to do something with those!
      I ended up making 8 small and four large. So fun!


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