Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hobnail Glass

Well..... an inexpensive version of hobnail glass.
When I am out and about I am always looking for items for the events I hold.  This time I found 10 of these "hobnail' clear glass vases at Michaels marked down to a dollar. Wooohooo!
I got out my white spray paint and went to town.

I love the new look of succulent gardens, so I went out to my chick and hens garden and planted them in one of the hobnail painted vases.

The other vase I filled with some beautiful spring tulips.
I love the fresh spring look of the faux hobnail vases.
Keep your eye out when your out and about shopping for decor items you can alter.  A lot of things I find might not be the color that matches my decor, but you can always paint the item based on what type of material it is.  

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