Monday, April 10, 2017

Hey, Chick

This past friday was my Hey, Chick creative class so I thought I would share with you a few of the things we made.

Since I couldn't find any chalkboard eggs, I purchased some plastic easter eggs and some chalkboard spray paint and sprayed them all.
I had to do more than 30, so I went slow.  You want to paint them an old bed sheet or paper so that you can easily turn them over to spray the opposite sides.  The cover nicely and are easy to paint. 
Since the cute white Stampin Up! egg carton's were sold out I had to go to the net to find these cuties.  I found them on Amazon, 25 for 31.00.  They have an adorable chicken sticker on the front of them that match perfectly with the Hey Chick stamp set!  score!

The next project was a Succulent egg garden.  For this one I used egg cartons that I had been saving as I wanted a natural look.  I also saved brown eggs for a while!  We ate a bunch!
You tap the top of the egg with a table knife and then peel it back so that just a 1/4" of the egg is gone.  Rise them out and let them dry.  Once dry, fill with potting soil.
 They are very hardy and don't require much watering at all.  We added the moss to the other empty spots.   Super easy and caute!

Here are the cards we made.  I did find these fun designs on Pinterest.   This stamp set has to be my one of my all time favs!

Druken party chicken?   I think so!

This is the last project they made,  chicken notecards.  I used 4 x 6 
packs of index cards and cut them in half.  Since they are lined they look great as little note cards.  The chickens are embossed in white on black cardstock and attached with a glue gun to the clothepins.

My May creative class is forming if you have every thought about trying a creative class!  Keep an eye out for the date, it will the first week in May

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