Friday, March 24, 2017

Succulent egg garden

Try this fun and easy succulent garden.  I used real brown eggs.  When I was making breakfast I carefully took the top of a kitchen knife and tapped the top of the egg to create a small hole, then I peeled back the shell to give it that crocked look.
Fill the inside of the egg with just a little bit of potting soil.
I added chicks and hens succulents from my garden.  If you don't have any growing they can be found at your local nursery. 

The egg cartons are just the ones the eggs come in from the grocery store that I cut down to a four size.
Super easy and oh so caute!!!!

Getting ready for Easter around here.  That means decorating!
Here are a few of my favorite Rae Dunn Easter pieces.  
I'll post some more ideas as I put more up this weekend.
Get "crackin" on your succulent garden!

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