Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valentine Decor

I love when I get pictures from you all with creative things you have done.  Susan sent me this picture above of her mantle decor with the wood chalkboards I sold last fall.  I just love her decor!
She did a great job lettering on her chalkboard.

I've scaled down my decor considerably compared to how I used to decorate for holidays.  
I found the banner and the tassel banner both at Target. 
 They are pretty reasonably priced, $7.99 each.  

This pretty chalkboard sign was given to me for Christmas
by my dear friend Susan.   I added the chalkboard sign to it and wrote LOVE in chalk for valentine's day decor in my bathroom.

More chalkboard lettering in the kitchen with my lovely Glassybabys.  
I love it when ya'll send me pictures of what's happening over in your homes.   Feel free to email me your pics, 
 I just might post them.  (with your approval of course!)

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