Saturday, December 31, 2016

New adventures await!

Adventure awaits!
Here comes 2017! 
I made these little cards to write something to my girls and husband for the new year.  I am welcoming and ushering it in with gladness.  This year has had so many struggles and changes.  All good and challenging on so many levels. It stretches us and grows us even when we are opposed to what's happening.  

I always look at the new year not with setting resolutions, but stretching myself to try three new things for the year. It can be anything.  Maybe you have always wanted to try hand lettering but haven't or maybe you have wanted to try a new sport or hobby.  
I like to write down a few ideas as to what I want to try and then go for it!   If I do three, then I sometimes add more!   Remember, it doesn't have to be big. Just give something a try, something new.
See where 2017 takes you!  I'm challenging you, adventure awaits!

I found these adorable new year rockets at Tj Maxx that are filled with a fortune, a paper crown and a gift.  Similar to Christmas crackers. They are so cute! 
So here's wishing you a Happy New Year! 

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