Friday, December 23, 2016

Hot Cocoa Bar

Today we had a houseful of teenagers playing Twister, decorating cookies, exchanging gifts and laughter galore!
I just treasure listening to their conversations. 
 You learn a lot looming in the kitchen.  
I made up a hot cocoa bar for them and baked most of the morning before they arrived.

Look at these cute wooden spoons I found and stamped on.

Here's a fun thing to try.  We bought large marshmallows and some white chocolate wafers that you melt.  We rolled the marshmallows in the white chocolate and then sprinkled sugar crystals on them and let them dry.   Then kids dropped them into their hot cocoa and watched them quickly melt. Don't they look like little snow balls? 

Oh the smells today, baking is done!
sugar cookies, magic cookie bars, breads, peanut butter blossoms, coconut shortbread.  What is your favorite cookie recipe?

I used simple kraft wrapping paper this Christmas and some 'believe" ribbon found at TJ Maxx to tie them with. 
 I am sooo behind with the details this season.
 Anyone else this behind?
Hoping your friday finds you relaxed and ready for the Christmas


  1. Yummy!! Those marshmallow look heavenly - bet my daughter would enjoy those!

  2. Where did you get the spoons? Love them!

    1. Connie, I found them at Michael's in the $1.50 section. I hope your able to find them. They are super easy to stamp on. Merry Christmas!


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