Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Holiday fun

Happy tuesday!
Sharing my beautiful piece I received from my dear Hubs for Christmas.  Have you heard of House of Belonging?  They sell all kinds of amazing things.  This just being one of them.  I have followed them on Instagram for sometime. 
 While my daughter Shelby was living in Nashville, she was able to find a few pieces there for me and shared this one with her Dad.
Love this scripture!

We had a wonderful Christmas spending time with family.
These are just a few pics from Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Notice the deer antlers!!!  My niece pictured right brought enough for all 21 of us to wear!   With our family being so big we have a name drawing for gift giving and this year she picked my name.  She gave me the cutest deer gifts! 
 Thanks Traci!  you know me so well.
  She also brought and made these pretty mini cupcakes.   

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