Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Annual Christmas Luncheon

Sunday was my annual Christmas luncheon with friends that have been faithfully in my life for 20 years and their kiddos. All our kids have grown up through the years together.  Pretty amazing.  The only thing that keeps us all apart is distance.  Each family except one lives one a half hours away from me.  So that means getting together gets harder and harder.  I cherish this tradition!
I love that the girls still like to craft!, well, except the older ones.  They were in the living room playing heads up and having some Proseco!

Of course we always have to take the goofiest pics!

Each year we play at least 4 games if not more
This one is for one minute.  You put a pile of candy canes on the table and one in your mouth.  You have one minute to hook up as many canes as you can without using your hands and put them in the bowl.   This was hysterical!!!

Sweet and twisted.  Is that me or a candy cane?  baahaaa!

And look how they have grown!  ready to take on the world!

and then there's the two mischievous elves, never a dull moment!

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