Saturday, May 21, 2016

Chicks and Hens

Happy saturday morning!
  I am away this weekend at a women's creative retreat. 
 I made these succulent candle's for the hostesses and wanted to share them with you.  
So fun and easy to make.
 I purchased two 4" clay pots and one very small succulent $3.49. 
 I used the chicks and hens succulents from my garden.
  You also need 2 clear glass votives and two small votive candles and dirt or potting soil and some small rocks (maybe a handful).  Start by dry brushing your clay pots with a creme or vanilla colored acrylic paint and let dry.

Fill your pots with a small amount of rocks, then add your dirt to fill almost to the top of pot as you see above.

This is what my pot looks like when dry brushed.

Now set your clear votive in the center and start to add the succulents. 
 I started with the chicks and hens and then added the smaller one (they look like peas to me!)

I added some spanish moss around the areas that had openings.  This is optional,  I just happened to have some and decided to add it.   Then when it was all done I added the chalkboard stick and packed them up.  

All ready to gift!


  1.! These are absolutely darling!! Not only are they darling gifts, but beautifully wrapped as well!!

  2. Thank you lovelie! you too can make these!


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